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Silvano y Angelo Pagliuca


Silv's trio for Mandolin, Violoncello and Harp premiered in Germany

 Silvano Pagliuca-Mena's Trio for Mandolin, Violoncello and Harp, dedicated to Betina Müller was premiered on a Open-air concert at Schloss Branitz (Cottbus, Germany). It was performed by  Betina Müller (Mandolin), Sabine Pohlandt (Violoncello) und Antje Gräupner (Harp).

   Special thanks to Lydia Kupke for making it happen!

Watch a performance of the at the Staatstheater Cottbus here

Mandolin, Violoncello and Harp musicians in Germany

Pagliuca-Mena trio plays a benefit concert for the Children in Central-America


 The trio, consisting of Baptiste Chatrain (saxophone), Silvano Pagliuca-Mena (piano), and Angelo Pagliuca-Mena (percussions) The Concert is organized by the NGO "Daukaia"  at Savoy Club Madrid.

   All the raised money will be used to help them keep funding their educations projects with children in Central-America.

Watch a performance of the at the Staatstheater Cottbus here

Benefit concert

SoFar Sounds concert with Or Dahan


 The Pagliuca-Mena brothers collaborated with Israeli Singer-Songwriter Or Dahan who was touring Europe and came to Madrid to play a SoFar Sounds concert with his project "One Girl Four Days".

   They played Or's Original songs with himself on voice and guitar, Silvano on guitar, Angelo on percussions.

Watch some pictures and videos

Los hermanos Pagliuca & Or Dahan


Live at JazzMadrid Festival 2019


The Pagliuca-Mena brothers joined Venezuelan percussionist Jaime "Papá" Vásquez, African singer Juno Kotto King and other important Latin musicians from the Madrid scene to play at the JazzMadrid Festival with Jaime's project Papá Boogaloo, where they revisit tunes who helped shape Salsa and Latin Jazz in the 60's. The concert was at Templo Club Madrid.

A short video from the concert here

More information (only available in Spanish) here

JazzMadrid Festival 2019

Live at "Celebremos Iberoamerica" Festival 2019


The Pagliuca-Mena brothers played with Dominican singer Samuel Esteban at Caixa Forum Madrid on the occasion of this festival, organized by the Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos.

   The band consisted of Baptiste Chatrain on saxophone, Silvano Pagliuca-Mena on piano, Guido Farusi on bass, and Angelo Pagliuca-Mena on drums.

A short video from the concert here

More information (only available in Spanish) here

Iberoamerica Festival 2019

Live at El Despertar with Geisa Fernandes


Geisa Fernandes closed her 2019 Tour with a show at Café "El Despertar", Madrid.

   Silvano and Angelo were accompanying her on piano and percussion respectively.

What a short video from the audience here

El Despertar - Geisa Fernandes

"Fado meets Latin Jazz Brasil" with Geisa Fernandes and Geraçoes


As part of her tour "Latin Jazz Brasil", the Pagliuca-Mena brothers were invited by Geisa Fernandes to accompany her for her concert in the Theater und Konzerthaus Solingen, Germany.

   The two-parts program consisted of a first part with Fado group Geraçoes and a second part with Geisa and the Pagliuca-Mena brothers playing Brazilian music standards. To close the night, all musicians played together a fado "jam".

More information (only available in German) here

Watch an excerpt of the concert here

Latin Jazz Brasil with Geisa Fernandes and Geraçoes

"La Nueva Milonga" concert with Geisa Fernandes


Brazilian Singer-Songwriter Geisa Fernandes invited Silvano to accompany her on her concert "La Nueva Milonga" at Solar de Jambeiro in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro.

   The program will consist of classic songs of the Tango, Milonga, and Choro repertoire.


More information (only available in Portuguese) here

"La Nueva Milonga" - Geisa Fernandes

"Todo Dominicano" concert with Samuel Esteban


As part of the activities organized by the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Spain, as the special guest country of the Feria del Libro de Madrid (Madrid Book Fair) 2019,  Dominican singer Samuel Esteban teamed with the Pagliuca-Mena brothers to play an hommage to Dominican popular music.

   The arrangements were made by Silv and Ange directed the band (since Silv was in Rio de Janeiro for another concert). The band consisted of Baptiste Chatrain on saxophone, Guido Farusi on bass, Gabriel Ortega on keyboards, and Angelo Pagliuca-Mena on drums.

More information (only available in Spanish) here

"Todo Dominicano" - Samuel Esteban

The Pagliuca-Mena brothers invited to "Flamenco en el Backstage"


  "Flamenco en el Backstage" is a series of concerts organised by Flamenco pianist Pablo Rubén Maldonado at Hinver Pianos (Madrid). The concert also featured María Mezcle (voice), "El Guille" García (cajón), and Pablo Rubén Maldonado (piano).

Watch a short video here

Silvano y Angelo Pagliuca en "Flamenco en el Backstage"

The Pagliuca-Mena brothers give a Workshop on Venezuelan music in Madrid


On June 7th, Angelo and Silvano will give a workshop on Venezuelan Music at the «Amor de Dios» Flamenco Art Center, one of the most prestigious Flamenco schools in the world.

   The Workshop is organized by Maestro Guillermo García "El Guille", to rediscover the bridges between Flamenco and Venezuelan music.

More information (only available in Spanish) here

The Pagliuca-Mena brothers Workshop

Latin Jazz Night with Marola Vargas


On May 24th the Pagliuca-Mena brothers teamed with Dominican singer Marola Vargas for a Latin Jazz Night at Real Club de la Puerta del Hierro, Madrid.
The band consisted also of Baptiste Chatrain saxophone and Guido Farusi on bass.

   The event was produced by Mareike Nissen and Iván Raymores.

Watch a short video here

Latin Jazz Night

Live at LRC series!


Silvano and Angelo will be playing the popular series of concert "Living Room Concerts" organized by Nichole Hastings in Madrid.
They had Baptiste Chatrain as special guest on saxophone.

Watch some pictures and videos here

Los hermanos Pagliuca & Baptiste Chatrain


"El Templo de las Ideas" reviewed by Sammy Stein (Award-winning Jazz writer)


"The Pagliuca-Mena Sextet’s debut album is incredible – and that is not a word I often use.  They are one of the most exciting bands I have heard for a long time and the delivery of this music is truly exceptional"

-Sammy Stein

International Editor for Jazz Journalist Association

Read full article here (only available in English)

Instruments - El templo de las ideas

Live at Fête de la Musique Maracaibo 2018


The Pagliuca-Mena brothers will play with Beatriz Occeas and Laurent Lecuyer for their concert in Maracaibo at the Center of Fine Arts of Maracaibo, as part of the activities of the Fête de la Musique organized by the Alliance Française Maracaibo.

More information here (only available in French)

Fête de la Musique Maracaibo 2018

Concert with Marion Sila in Maracaibo


French singer-songwriter-accordionist Marion Sila arrived in Maracaibo for a concert at the Center of Fine Arts of Maracaibo, as part of her Latin-American tour organized by the Alliance Française. The Pagliuca-Mena brothers were the musicians in charge to accompany her.

Watch some pictures and videos

More information here (only available in Spanish)

Concert with Marion Sila in Maracaibo

Pagliuca-Mena sextet's album featured on Venezuela Sinfónica


"El Templo de las Ideas" ("The Temple of the Ideas"), was featured on Venezuela's most important music magazine.


Read full article here (only available in Spanish)

Album list El templo de las ideas


Pagliuca-Mena sextet's album on December 2017


On December 2017 was released "El Templo de las Ideas" ("The Temple of the Ideas"), the first album under the own name of Pagliuca-Mena. It features also six great young musicians from Venezuela who together with the Pagliuca-Mena brothers, explore the borderlines between the Venezuelan, Latin, Jazz and Classical Music in six Silv's original tunes.
The album is available for listening and purchase directly from their website. It also can be found on platforms like Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, among others.

View / Download full note: English - Español - Français

Album El templo de las ideas
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