Pagliuca-Mena Music


Some of the current projects of the Pagliuca-Mena brothers are:

Pagliuca-Mena trio

Pagliuca-Mena trio

   A classic jazz trio consisting of Piano, Bass and Drums. Also available as an "electric/fusion jazz trio".     Exceptionally, the trio can vary its formation with another instrument in substitution or in addition as a guest musician.

Watch: Acoustic Trio -  Electric trio

Pagliuca-Mena sexteto

Pagliuca-Mena sexteto

   The sextet consists of Saxophone, Trumpet. Trombone, Piano, Bass and Drums.

   It's a very energetic and festive formation that could work very good for in-doors and out-doors concerts


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Pagliuca-Mena ensemble.

Pagliuca-Mena ensemble

Violin, Accordion, Winds, Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Percussions, Dancers... Almost anything could be possible in this combination who is able to play a lot of genres.

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